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    Hunter S. Thompson: Hell’s Angels
    Author: Hunter S. Thompson
    Number of Pages:
    Published Date:
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    ISBN: 9780345410085
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    The ability to communicate with animals is not a rare gift, but a skill we all possess. On The Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication, author and teacher Carol Gurney brings nearly 20 years’ experience in interpreting the language of animals to anyone seeking a “heart-to-heart” connection with the special companions in their lives. From developing intuition into the thoughts and feelings of animals to learning how to verify the information you receive, here is an illuminating course of useful exercises and expert guidance to help listeners open to the unconditional love animals freely offer.
    Best known as the author of the classic “Darkness at Noon”, Koestler was one of the most influential and controversial intellectuals, involved in and commenting on almost every political movement of the twentieth century. As young man, he was a committed Zionist and moved to Palestine; he was imprisoned and sentenced to death in Hell’s Angels download epub Franco’s Spain; escaped Occupied France; and, was a member of the Communist party for seven years, later becoming one of its fiercest critics with the publication of “Darkness at Noon”. Without sentimentality, Scammell gives a full account of Koestler’s turbulent private life: his drug use, manic depression, the frenetic womanizing that doomed his three marriages and led to an accusation of rape, and his startling suicide pact with his wife in 1983. Koestler also gives a full account of the author’s voluminous writings, making the case that the autobiographies and essays are fit to stand beside “Darkness at Noon” as works of lasting literary value. Michael Scammell creates an indelible portrait of this brilliant, unpredictable, and talented writer, once memorably described as ‘one third blackguard, one third lunatic, and one third genius’.

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